It’s Time To Use The Internet Wisely, Here’s How To Remove Digital Traces

Increasingly sophisticated technology indirectly requires users to be smarter in using technology, including accessing the internet. However, until now there are still many users who do not care or are less vigilant about using the internet.

Although trivial, personal information posted on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter accounts can be said to be digital footprints. Finally, a digital footprint on the internet can bring up various negative potentials for its users. For example, data theft to banking. This, of course, is very detrimental to digital users.

So that this does not happen and you are increasingly vigilant about using the internet, you should consider the following reviews regarding digital traces to wise ways to surf in digital which have been summarized from various sources.

How to Remove Digital Traces

Before things happen that are not desirable due to digital footprints, you should immediately double-check any internet browser that you have ever done. After that, don’t delay the time to delete yourself from the internet.

No need to panic, here are some easy ways you can erase digital traces are as follows:

1. Privacy check: The Google Privacy Checkup allows users to prevent Google from saving data and other Google activities to the user’s Google account. Don’t forget to delete the location history.

Users can also choose to prohibit Google from storing their browsing and viewing history on YouTube, contacts, device information, voice and audio activity including recordings taken from interactions with the Google Assistant and other data.

You can also set to allow or not allow advertisements that are tailored to your digital footprint.

2. Security check: Google security check can be used to show which devices have account access including laptops, PCs, and handsets.

You can also find a list of apps from third parties that have been permitted to access your account.

3. Delete Me: Google’s removal service can be used to delete digital trace products or delete your account entirely.

The use of digital is very easy to make someone immersed in using the internet which makes users unaware of the dangerous side of the internet footprint. For that, you need to be aware of any activities related to digital. Instead, consider carefully, which things are good to do and bad things that should be left behind when surfing the internet.