Bumper cases and Carbon Fiber cases

Bumper cases and Carbon Fiber cases

Phone cases can be visually appealing or just practical. While some may be able to offer protection, the rest can be nothing else other than an extra layer of skin. There’s an entire set of options to choose from depending on your preference.

When purchasing a new phone case, it’s essential to know what materials it’s made from, the level of protection it offers, and what makes it so popular. All these guiding factors will enable you to know what you’re working with. Below are some phone case types to start with.

Bumper cases

Bumper cases are case types designed to protect the sides of your phone, screen, and back. This is achieved by their raised edges which protect the front screen from coming into contact with surfaces. Their design clearly shows how phone cases have evolved. Their build can solve occasional problems like dropping, sliding, and slipping.

Materials used in their production.

Bumper phone cases are made from harder and shock-resistant material. The back of the case is made of an Aluminum alloy tempered glass. It’s strong enough to withstand everyday drops and scratches. The front housing isn’t made of aluminium, however, instead, it’s made of a softer silicone material that is designed to absorb impact.


They’re popularly known for their precise cutouts. A bumper case is seamless and nice to touch. It not only fits the phone well but because of the well-defined cutouts, users can easily access ports, speakers, chargers among other things.


The raised edges on the front protect the phone when it drops. The fact that it’s made of rubbery silicone, the front screen is well protected and isn’t able to come into contact with the surface. So expect to see almost no cracks on the front screen unless it lands on a sharp or pointed material. The aluminium back does a great job of shielding the back the same way.

Bumper cases are made of a mixture of silicon and aluminium material which gives the best protection. However, this case type has some advantages and disadvantages as seen next.

Advantages of bumper cases

  • Protect the phone screen from getting shattered

The raised edges of a bumper case as mentioned earlier are raised a bit to prevent it from coming into contact with surfaces. Your device is protected against knocks, scratches, shocks, and scratches.

  • Bumper cases are lighter than other cases

In comparison to wallet cases and flip cases, bumper cases are lighter. In case you’re trying to avoid extreme chunkiness when holding your phone then the bumper case is the right one.

Disadvantages of Bumper cases

  • Bumper cases add extra weight to the phone

It’s made of aluminium material which is a metal. Although it is strong and able to protect the phone, it’s rather bulky.

  • Interfere with phone signal

The aluminium material used in bumper cases interferes with mobile signals and other magnetic devices around. This degrades signal performance when using your phone.

  • They aren’t so protective

When the phone drops on an uneven surface say a stone, the phone screen is more likely to crack.

Carbon fibre phone cases

Carbon fibre is an expensive material usually found on supercars, planes, boats among other things. There’s a synthetic fibre and genuine fibre.  This qualifies it as a perfect material in the making of phone cases.

Materials used in the production of carbon fibre cases

Carbon fibre cases are made of carbon atoms bonded together to form a long chain. Several carbon fibres are put together to form a group of continuous filaments. These are later interwoven to make carbon fibre fabric.


The strength and lightness offered by the carbon fibre have made it a popular material in the manufacture of phone cases. People go for it because it’s less heavy yet it’s made of a material that is 5 times stronger than steel. It’s no wonder that it has replaced many metal materials in industries.


Carbon cases provide users with the desired protection especially if it’s genuine carbon fibre. It’s strong yet exceptionally light at the same time when compared to cases like plastic and silicon.

Plastic and silicone cases are lighter and less bulky when compared to carbon fibre cases yet they offer less phone protection in slip and drop instances. If you’re to choose metal cases they may be able to offer protection but will feel bulky.

Advantages of carbon fibre cases

  • They are paper-thin

With all the unique properties earlier mentioned, carbon is a strong material that is surprisingly thin. When dressed on your phone it feels light and even though it drops, the damages incurred are merely minimal.

  • Carbon fibre cases are durable

If what you’re looking for is a sleek and ultra-thin case that can still last for a long time then what you need is carbon. Carbon fibre will protect your phone against everyday drops and scratches without adding any bulk to the phone.

  • Luxurious appearance

An alignment of ultra-slim, high protective ability, and durability, the carbon fibre case gives a luxurious finish. Even more is that it comes in a range of attractive colours like blue, red, green, pink, and others.

Disadvantages of carbon fibre cases

  • They’re expensive

Compared to other traditional materials available and the fact that it requires specific tools to produce the final carbon case makes it expensive to purchase.

  • No phone protection from serious accidents

A carbon phone case is designed to protect against damages and scratches however this all depends on what angle the phone drops. If it lands facing the front part then there isn’t much protection the screen will get scratched.


To end this, those are the different materials used in the manufacture of carbon and bumper cases. From the given information you can see that it’s more than just a basic phone case but rather a whole lot of different are materials put together to achieve, durability, protection, sleekness, and more. Sometimes the build may not be in favour of your expectations that’s why it’s important to know what it has to offer before purchasing it.