Cannot be careless, here’s the proper way to deliver alcohol!

When talking about logistical expeditions, what immediately comes to mind is regular goods. For example, such as foodstuffs, clothing, textiles, cosmetic industry products, books, or so on. Besides that, there are still many other types of goods that can enter the delivery route such as motorized vehicles (cars and motorbikes), heavy building equipment (excavators and dozers), natural products, crude oil, fuel, and so on. Meanwhile, every expedition process, whether by land, sea, or air, is always differentiated into several categories according to applicable policies.

Each of these routes has already implemented regulations because all three have their level of risk. For example, traveling by air using an airplane is prohibited from carrying heavy items such as vehicles, alcohol, dynamos, and others. Then also carry out categories of cargo starting from regular goods, liquids, food, and so on. This is also very true in some land routes or trucking and even ships so that the delivery runs smoothly and safely.

Alcohol delivery packages are often rejected. It is not only solid goods that can be transported by package delivery services but also liquid ones. Some people say that it is quite difficult to find liquid package delivery services in Indonesia because it contains many risks. The reasons are as follows:

  • 1. It’s easy to spill even more if there is a shock during the delivery.
  • 2. Difficulty in packing or packaging because you have to ensure that the material does not spill, seep or splash.
  • 3. Liquid goods are also easily broken when using a glass container.
  • 4. Volatile and even causes explosion and fire.
  • 5. If it contains certain chemicals, the smell will stinging so it disturbs those around it.

In other words, shipping liquid goods creates many problems and risks that can lead to losses. That is why some shipping services always refuse if there is this type of package because it can endanger other shipments. However, there are shipping services that still accept all kinds of cargo, including liquids, even because they use a packing system, security, and strict monitoring.

Plus the best facilities so that the goods are always good to their destination, the method of shipping liquid packages is not the same as other shipments, this type of liquid package is very difficult to send via air cargo because there are regulations that apply to each airline, therefore the best solution land cargo and the sea.

Usually, the types of liquids that are often sent are in the form of packaged drinks, paints, floor cleaners, soap, and other necessities. This is even more so if the amount is large, so it requires large storage space and a strong fleet to accommodate it.

The Right Way to Deliver Liquid Packages!

Safe Tips for Sending Interstellar Liquid Packages There are many risks of sending liquid packages. Therefore, pay attention to some important things below so that the expedition process remains safe and smooth.

Using Strong And Fit Wood Packing

The packaging of liquid goods requires special attention. One of them is security with wooden packing, where you can get this packing at the shipping service. The wooden packing that we use is neat and strong, so for those of you who want to send liquids in bottles such as glass and plastic, you don’t need to worry.

Give a Special Mark

There is nothing wrong with preventing the goods from being handled roughly, you can put a mark on the package or outer box of your shipment. Such as “FRAGILE”, “Perishable Items”, or “Handle With Care. The information must have been read by the local expedition officer.