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Cisco Foundation Project Management Security Appliance – How it Changed

Cisco Foundation Project Management Security Appliance - How it Changed

CDS are policies defined by management, therefore they must be in writing and easily understand.

All devices in a network must be able to achieve a required security level, if lower limits are breached then remediation must be found quickly.

Cisco has defined the security anatomy which must be followed, if not then the support calls will become harder. Although not strictly defined within a PRINCE2 Foundation project, Cisco would run it as such.

Physical security is broken into two Circumvented Phases, the first one is protecting network resources from physical theft.

Network security is the responsibility of every user using the network. This includes the use of password protection, use of firewalls, VPN, encryption and screening hardware.

When a user needs to secure pe...

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PRINCE2 Practitioners on Web Content Filtering

“Ignorance is bliss, and most people accept this false sense of security.”

The management of any enterprise must ensure optimal performance & optimal ROI for proper operations. Such an enterprise needs to seize the opportunity presented by broadband to become even more successful, financially & operationally.

However, ongoing research has shown that enterprises are unable to take advantage of broadband savings due to assorted challenges — even though they know it. These challenges include; latency & speed, availability, & encryption. These challenges are not within the realm of usual threats to business, so getting rid of them is not as simple as getting a grant and buying a dumb network scanner. This isn’t something covered on a PRINCE2 Practitioner course, but nevertheless ma...

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Exploring prince2 and resource planning

Exploring prince2 and resource planning

In this article we will explore what prince2 project management is. Unlike enterprise resource planning which is more near term, prince2 project planning occurs long term. We’ll first explain terms, then we’ll address issues.

What is Prince2 project Management?

Prince2 project management (or prince2 project planning, as it more commonly known) refers to the disciplined, hierarchical approach to managing a prince2 project (or series of prince2 projects). Examples include agreewriting, prince2 project staffing, and prince2 project lifecycle management. The management of all prince2 projects or individual prince2 projects is managed this way.

So what is a prince2 project?

A prince2 project is (at a minimum) two things:

Prince2 project management encompasses all the discipli...

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Mentoring And Success Strategies In Sales At Amazon

Mentoring And Success Strategies In Sales At Amazon

Another advantage of joining Amazon is the existence of FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon – This FBA helps sellers organize, manage, store, and ship seller goods. In this way, the seller’s inventory can be monitored and managed without the need to bother the seller. Also, traffic for Amazon shoppers is very high. In the US alone, traffic reaches 95 million unique visitors.

Believe it or not, selling on Amazon doesn’t even require any expertise. Never mind coding skills, the seller doesn’t even need to have the skills to pack goods. This is the advantage you can get when you decide to join the trusted world-class Amazon site. The seller only has to leave the goods on Amazon, and they will do the rest of the work.

Mentor Benefits and Strategy in Business Development

When starting a b...

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