How to protect your company from attacks?

How to protect your company from attacks?

How to protect your company from attacks? – Although it may seem crazy to think about it, some companies can be the target of explosive attacks when they least expect it. If you think that your company could be the target of such an attack, implement an explosives detection protocol to inspect every person who enters your company’s facilities. Today some explosive detectors fit in the palm of your hand and can detect the explosive material, even if something impregnated them on clothing. For example, if someone manufactured an explosive, it likely left traces on their clothing. With an explosives trace detector, you can detect this and prevent further damage. You can also implement an X-ray scanner to check the contents of suitcases or briefcases without the need to open them. The security of your company and your employees depends on this.

New technologies in biometric identification

Biometric identification comprises using some part of a person’s body to identify him or her. Commonly, some companies have a fingerprint reader in which their employees can register their entry and exit of the company just by placing their finger. New technological developments make it possible to use high-resolution cameras to analyze people entering and leaving your company in real-time. This new platform can detect who are employees of your company and alert you when it discovers an intruder. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, the system can detect movement patterns. Even if someone tries to log in with a mustache, beard, and glasses, artificial intelligence can detect body movement and compare it with its database to detect intruders. A single security officer can analyze hundreds of people with the help of artificial intelligence.

Beware of cyber attacks

There is no point in preventing unauthorized people from entering your company if they can do so through computers. Your staff must take part in regular training on the different techniques hackers use today to trick them into gaining access to your company’s computers. In fact, on YouTube, you can come across channels and videos that show you different ways to hack into a computer or cell phone. Although these videos exist to educate, some people use that knowledge to harm others. Keeping your computer’s operating system and antivirus up to date will create an extra layer of protection that, while not protecting your company’s computers from attacks, makes them invulnerable to mild attacks. Finally, a good network configuration, with a firewall and a VPN, will help prevent hackers from connecting to your company’s computers.