Why do you have to make eSports Betting? Maybe this is the question of most online gambling players or people who want to try their luck in gambling games. Did you know that betting on E-Sport is relatively new, but now online bookies offer huge odds for the matches inside? Even though they have many types of games, online bookies are smart enough to place quite tempting odds. For example, in a match between two teams that have just entered E-Sport, the dealer will give big odds of all the types of bets you can make. This is one of the draws of betting in E-Sport itself, where luck can be yours or vice versa.

In-game betting euphoria of all types of games offered in E-Sport. Of course, many players make mistakes in betting, this is the basis for us to make this review. We have made observations and found several errors that often occur in placing or technical bets on this E-Sport online gambling site. For those of you who just want to bet or try your luck at betting, you are reading the right article. By understanding what we have to say, you can avoid errors in installation or others. Here are the mistakes that gambling players often make in E-Sports betting:

Placing Bets

Most new players or players who are used to betting in online gambling, do not know very well how to place bets on this E-Sports gambling site. You need to know that two types of gambling sites offer bets on E-Sports, namely gambling sites that purely use money and gambling sites that allow using items or skins in games that are bet. These two sites have different ways of placing their partners, differences in management are one of the reasons why money and items can be at stake.

Do YOLO often

YOLO or an abbreviation of You Only Live Once is often used by gambling players who are quite sure of their choice. You need to know that types of games such as Counter-Strike, FIFA, and so on can always happen things that get out of hand. This is the uniqueness of the E-Sport gambling game where all the results are still too gray to predict properly. Even so, most players make bets using all the bankroll or credit or items they have. As if they would be sure of the bets they made with big percentage odds and big odds if they understood how this online bookie worked they would pull that bet back.

Not creating Match Predictions

In eSports Betting, of course, we need data related to the two teams that will compete. Even though some teams may sound new, you have to see if there are professional players whose names are familiar. Maybe for the first time, it will be a little troublesome to do data collection where you have to roughly master strong players or teams in this type of game. Unfortunately not all gambling players who bet have this data, so they only rely on the odds given by the online bookie.

Not Claiming Bonus

This is what often happens when players who bet on online gambling do not claim the bonuses that can be obtained. Plus, the betting on E-Sport is relatively new, where not too many players bet on this video game match. Big gambling sites always offer playing bonuses or cash bonuses that players can get if they meet the requirements, conditions, and others. This is not an open secret anymore, unfortunately not all gambling players who play understand this and end up missing a large enough bonus to support the bet.

Making a Deposit Not Following the Conditions

Usually, this error is made by players who have just played on online gambling sites, they do not understand well how to make deposits that are allowed on gambling sites. Remember! different gambling sites, there are also different terms, conditions, and so on that govern all activities on the site. Therefore, it’s a good idea to ask the customer service on the gambling site where you play, so you can avoid mistakes in filling in the credit. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed, because this will affect your game later.


These mistakes can happen to you, if you read our review above well then you can minimize the mistakes you make. Customer Service on Live Chat is indeed provided to help players who are confused or have problems when betting on this site. The gambling site has an SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) where all activities on the site have their ways and conditions. It’s a good idea to ask before doing something like Deposit, Withdraw, Place Bets and others. Good luck on the gamble in those video gameplay.