PRINCE2 Project Management approach

PRINCE2 Project Management approach

 It seems that everything Do With BusinessContinuity is now ‘Project’

Business Continuity

What is Business Continuity what is actually meant by the professionals?

The Management of the Corporate Office Driver

Controlling down the organization from top to bottom, across all the business, sustainability and maintenance of vital assets due to natural disaster or man made disaster. As you can learn on a prince2 Foundation London certification.

Project management ensure that all the projects in such area provided full coverage of the cost and in full compliance with the external environment and business need

Project management approach

Project management is the systematic working of techniques and processes that shape and guide the daily activities towards goal achievement. Individual project planning, implementation and control are distinct processes for clear and distinct delivery. Project management helps meet business requirements in planning, implementing and controlling of the entire project life cycle to ensure the effectiveness and success of the project(s)”.

So what is a project?

All projects consist of a unique activity, usually a set of tasks, an external environment in which all the activities have to be adapted, a set of technologies (implementations) for which the activities are to be adapted, as well as a set of people involved in the project. By definition, a project is a temporary endeavor where a temporary activity is undertaken to create a distinct and distinct organization.”

A typical project project has a start, an end and a start and an end development strategy.

The characteristics of a project

The difference between a project plan and a project plan (or a distinct task) in the context of the organization is clear:

“A project is a task whose aim or objective is to deliver a distinct and distinct organization function”.

The latter in a project management plan are the plan for effective and efficient delivery of the project.

Project managers

In every area of business, from IT to finance to retail management, you will find project managers or those who look after the generators of project plans.

Project managers possess a set of skills and are qualified in their area of expertise.

Skills needed to deliver the successful project are therefore specific and related to the project’s objectives. Managers might be experienced professionals, or may be more likely to be students and new to the field.


The planning of a project is key to success.

Project planning is the process of developing a project plan that defines the ways in which the project’s objectives will be achieved. The approach can be formal or informal: formal plans, informal plans, according to the tasks and the plans that have already been agreed. The approach to deciding on a plan can be technical or commercial.

Formal plans take a broader perspective. They are focused, organized and have in depth information about the business environment in which the project will operate.

Informal plans are more practical and focuses on the tactical element of the project. The most important aspect is the agreement on the terms of the plan within the overall scope of the project.

Procedures identify and define the ways that a particular task needs to be completed. They provide technical details of how to achieve that particular task.

A Successful Project Plan

Before any project begins, project managers will prepare a project plan. Not only in terms of project scope but also in terms of activities, resources, timelines, milestones, human resources, and cost.

After the plan is prepared, the manager will work on the plan to make it more effective. Here are some of the steps to follow this effective management:

Project managers must be good strategist, creative problem solvers and decision making specialists. By adopting these strategies, project managers, meeting the organizational need and project budgets, will get the best from their projects.

Assess the organizational need

Define the project goals

Ensure that the selected project is accepted

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Leader to conduct a needs analysis.

Identify the approaches to achieving the goal.

Identify the financial, human, Vocational and the technological needs.

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