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A neighbor caught the large canine and walked him again to his owner’s home. The person shared in the note that they had been nervous for the canine’s security if he stayed in his house. A lady has shared a video on TikTok of her father having to assist their elderly pet as she had run out of power. The canine checked out his proprietor with eyes full of betrayal after being fooled into planting a kiss on his cunning human.

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By carbon dating the bones, researchers found that the fox was buried around the same time as the humans found nearby. Additionally, isotopic signatures in the fox’s enamel counsel that it ate not solely meat—as wild foxes would have—but crops. As Lebrasseur tells Live Science, the fox was eating the identical substances as the human it was interred beside. In a research revealed this week within the journal Royal Society Open Science, researchers detailed their reexamination of the bones discovered on the Cañada Seca burial site in central Argentina. The web site accommodates remains from at least 24 adults and children, stone tools, beads, lip piercings—and the skeleton of …